One thing I learned during the pandemic is the power of reading bedtime stories to the elementary students.  Last spring, I wanted to connect with our students in positive ways and decided that each night at 7pm we (the teachers and I took turns) would read a book to our students and post it on Class Dojo.  We received an overwhelming response from the parents and students that they absolutely loved it and it was one of their favorite parts of quarantine life.

This month, I decided to team up with Mrs. Hubler and share the reading of Christmas stories.  Each night for 12 days we will be posting a new Christmas story for all the elementary students to watch.  Mrs. Hubler and I both have YouTube channels and we post the Youtube link into our Class Dojo platform to make it easy for all the students to view the story.  We encourage them to sit down, relax, curl up with a favorite stuffed animal and enjoy hearing a new story.  We even have two elementary dads participating in this event and reading to the students!

Everyone loves a good bedtime story and Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year.  It is a time of the year we get to reflect on the importance of Jesus coming to earth as a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger with Mary and Joseph close beside him.  Jesus is our Immanuel.  He is the best part of Christmas and the greatest gift we could ever receive.  Reading to our students is a great way to share in the joy of Christmas with all of them.

The Joy of Giving by Mrs. McInerney: The Joy of Giving – YouTube

The Christmas Lizard by Mrs. Hubler: