We are happy to welcome Nina Dueck to our faculty! Having recently obtained her B.S. in Elementary Education and her M.S. in Childhood Special Education from Nyack College as well as having been the Children’s Director at her church, Mrs. Dueck is a wonderful new addition to our elementary faculty teaching kindergarten.

Learn more about Mrs. Dueck, what inspired her and what she hopes for her students.

Who inspired you to take up teaching?

Throughout my life I had a variety of teachers who inspired me. I had a history teacher who had a great sense of humor, which made learning fun. I remember my math teacher who poured out love on all her students. These teachers clearly loved their jobs and loved their students which drew me to want to teach. During my high school years, my family had encouraged me to pursue nursing because I enjoyed helping people, however I didn’t feel passionate about it. It was during my mission’s trip experience to Asia as an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher that God clearly showed me my love and passion for teaching young children. This sparked the desire to pursue a degree in childhood education at Nyack College.

Why did you choose to teach at TCS?

I heard about Timothy Christian School through a friend who spoke highly about the wonderful experience they had at TCS. I think it’s an amazing opportunity to teach and share my faith with students in a place where they feel free to pray and worship. As a new teacher, I’m grateful that God has led me to TCS, where I can grow in the area of teaching, as well as develop meaningful relationships with TCS staff, my students and their families.

How do you plan to integrate faith and learning at TCS?

TCS is the best place to integrate faith and learning! I start everyday with prayer. Students take turns praying for each other, their families, and teachers. Not only do I get to teach them bible stories, but in all subjects I talk about how God is in everything we are learning about. They love learning their memory verses and I pray daily that they will keep them hidden in their hearts. My hope is that I reflect God’s love for them. I want them to know that I love them, God loves them and He has great plans for them!