Timothy Christian School would like to congratulate Senior Zachary Lihn, for being selected as a semi-finalist for the prestigious 66th Annual National Merit Scholarship Award. His score of 1500 in the national PSAT qualified him for this honor.  Zachary is one of only three students who qualified from the Piscataway school district. This year around 16,000 semifinalists were selected from across the country. These students will then go on to compete for 7,600 National Merit Scholarships that will be offered next spring.

Zachary began at Timothy in the sixth grade. Once he graduates this spring, he intends to double major in mathematics and computer science and go on to graduate school to get a doctorate. His long-term goal is to become a professor at a university.

Zachary’s mom shared that she is truly grateful to all of Zachary’s teachers at Timothy for providing him the learning environment in which he was able to thrive and achieve this success.

Read more about what impacted Zach’s success and his advice for others

Describe one of your favorite teachers and the impact that this person has in your life.

Mrs. Gall taught me computer science, introducing me to the world of computing and inspiring my further interest in the field. Whenever I had questions, she would answer them thoroughly, even going out of her way to help me. Through the way that she enthusiastically taught her classes, and her kindness and generosity, she has set an example for how I wish to conduct myself with others.

What advice would you give other students who aspire to achieve what you just did?

I would advise to just study hard; set the goals that you want to meet, plan out a way to get there, and then do that plan. Be intentional in where you spend your time, but also remember to take breaks!

How did faith play a part in your success?

Without my God-given family, teachers, and mentors, I would not be here today. Christ has been there with me at both low and high points in my life, lifting me up continuously in love and assurance. He has blessed me with supportive parents and friends that have always helped me in my academic journey.