Why did you choose TCS for your child?

We heard about the school from a current student in whom we saw something special and that motivated us to apply for the school. Once we got to see the school, the teachers, the administrators, and the admission process that included an emphasis on the faith of both the child as well as the parents, we felt that this is the right school for our daughter. The accomplishments of former students who got into prestigious colleges further encouraged us.

What do you love most about TCS?

The emotional and spiritual preparation of a child by caring teachers and its real-life application is something we cherish the most about TCS. Apart from this, we also love the caring atmosphere which motivates children to be empathetic towards each other, the attitude of humility which is all pervasive and the small class size which helps a child to effectively bond with the teachers.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

“Life Application”

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at TCS?

My child has become more emotionally and spiritually grounded, developed interest in fine arts, music and language. 

How is TCS preparing your child for college and beyond?

We feel that apart from preparing a child intellectually, TCS also helped our child be spiritually and emotionally grounded and be resilient in any type of environment.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TCS?

TCS guides a child through their entire schooling life right from elementary to high school. We believe that this is the right school for the holistic development of a child. The school not just educates a child, but also teaches them about Christ centric living and its application. TCS also provides some of the best educators combined with a safe and friendly environment.

How long have you been a TCS parent?

11-20 years