So many things distinguish Wendy Gall as an exceptional teacher that it is hard to sum up her 23 year teaching career at Timothy Christian School. She is a consummate learner and scholar who is continually learning new things which made her classes more relevant for her students. Ever in the forefront of her mind was always how to meet the need of her students to make them more prepared for whatever they were facing next whether that be an AP exam, the next course in the sequence or college study. More than any other teacher, Wendy was continuously on the cutting edge of professional development, piloting numerous programs and curriculum for outside companies and giving feedback to advance the field of computer science for high school students. She was responsible for bringing in computer programming competitions and robotics to stretch and grow our students in the area of STEM. Her creative, innovative teaching style captured students’ curiosity and gave them a wonder and love of discovery and learning, which she was and is quick to point out brings glory to God.

Wendy Gall’s impact reached well beyond the academics in the classroom. This is because of the care, concern and love she showed to her students and their families and her involvement in their lives outside of the class. Wendy attended many recitals, community projects, performances, baptisms, banquets, competitions and awards ceremonies of her students over the years. She was a constant encourager, supporter and prayer warrior for all her students and continues to keep up with many of them well after graduation. Looking back, numerous alumni reflect on the impact Mrs. Gall had on them in high school and attribute where they are today in life to her positive influence. Many students and alumni esteem her has a mentor and friend.

Wendy Gall understands the overall ministry of Timothy Christian School. She knows that the total package of Christian education includes opportunities for growth, discipleship and service outside of the classroom. For years, she faithfully ran the 9th grade nursing home outreach, working with countless freshmen preparing them to be a light for Jesus when interacting with the residents of Cedar Oaks.

I personally marvel at the ministry of Wendy Gall at Timothy Christian School. The way students knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mrs. Gall loved them and wanted to see them succeed and the resulting lasting relationships that birthed from that knowledge is something I aspire to. Wendy is one of those rare gems of a teacher who will never really be able to be replaced. It is not just her commitment to academic excellence for herself and her students; nor is it just her nurturing heart for her students to know the Lord and bring glory to Him in their learning and life; nor is it her faithfulness or willingness to do whatever asked and go above and beyond. It is the beautiful balanced combination of all those things in a mature woman, full of grace who humbly displays a deep and genuine relationship with her Savior in putting her students in all things first, year in and year out, even in the midst of her own personal adversity. I stand in awe of all that Wendy Gall has gone through without complaint or becoming disheartened and walking away, but rather coming to the end of a career and retiring as a faithful and joyful servant of the Lord. While her teaching profession comes to an end, her legacy lives on in the lives of her students who follow in her footsteps around the world and even right at Timothy in the very computer lab that has been her home for these past many years.