Hi! My name is Nainika Paul and I graduated from Timothy in 2015. TCS has had such a huge impact on my life. My family and I moved to the US in 2005, and when we were looking for schools, we immediately knew that we wanted a Christian school. It became increasingly obvious as soon as we stepped onto campus – I was in second grade at the time – that TCS would be our forever home. It really did end up being that way. I have so many good friends and so many good teachers who taught me amazing life lessons that I still use and walk with today.

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I still remember the chapels and learning different themes like depending on God. I remember Miss Hopper asking us to learn Bible verses in a competition together. I remember the Bible studies we have had. I would say that during middle school and high school I was given opportunities that, to be quite frank, had I been in public school, I never would have been able to be part of those activities. In middle school I was part of softball, in high school I was on the track team. I was also able to join the debate team and travel to places like Yale, Princeton, Harvard, local public schools, and interact with people there. I was also able to be on student council in high school and end my tenure there as student council president. All these were amazing opportunities and paired with strong academics. Worldview class with Mr. Barr, (hi Mr. Barr!) will always be one of my favorite classes.

I graduated from Rutgers in three years with a bachelor’s in political science. Now, I am in Washington D.C. doing my two-year masters at John Hopkins University, School of International Studies. After that I have been able to work at the Department of Defense, and right now I am consultant at American Express. These are all things that I look back and see is a clear pathway that God has made for me, and TCS was at the foundation of that. So, I just want to say that if you are a parent looking to send your children to Timothy, or wondering what the next step will be as your child transitions from middle school to high school, I can tell you those are very hard decisions to make, but if you place God at the forefront, and you put your child’s happiness and your family’s happiness at the forefront, I am telling you that TCS will fit that bill. And it will be the school that you should go to.

I miss Timothy so much. I miss all the students and all the teachers there, and I wish you all the best!