One of our alumni, Tom Detamore, shares his favorite memories from TCS, his story about where he went after graduating in 1991, and his wisdom as a lead pastor in New Jersey. Here is what he had to say:

“My name is Tom Detamore, and I graduated from Timothy in 1991. After TCS, I enrolled in Nyack College. I got a youth ministry degree from there, and then I began my career as a youth pastor in 1996 at a church in Old Bridge. I spent six years there, and then I went on to be youth pastor in Freehold. Then I transitioned into the senior pastor role, which I am currently at today. I got a master’s degree from Cairn University (which was PBU at the time) and from Liberty. I got married in 2002, and I have two boys, ages ten and seven. So, that’s where life has taken me since Timothy Christian.

I went to Timothy for twelve years, so I have a lot of memories! Somebody who I look back and think of is Mr. Keller who was the vice principal at the time. And though he wasn’t a teacher, I remember when some of us were older teenagers, we’d go fishing with Mr. Keller. He would always ask us more about how we were doing and how to care for who we were not just as students but as people. Those individuals had a profound impact on me and in the way I do ministry even today.

As a Christian it matters what Christ did for you, and how that applies to the people around you. So, we can be in ministry no matter what vocation the Lord takes us in, use it as an opportunity to further his kingdom, and to grow yourself as a mature Christian.”