Why did you choose TCS for your child?

We chose TCS for my child because it’s a K4-12 school, the small class size, and the fact that cursive writing is taught in the second grade. The fact that it is a Christian school was the icing on the cake.

What do you love most about TCS?

We love the warmth of the school and how the faculty and staff know us and our son by name. We also love that his first teacher, Mrs. Connelly in K4, made his transition to the school seamless for him.

What is one word that best describes the school? Why?

WARM is the one word we would use that best describes the school. As soon as you step on campus you are greeted with a smile and personal hello.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at TCS?

Our child’s knowledge and understanding of God has grown tremendously as a result of his experience at TCS.

How is TCS preparing your child for college and beyond?

TCS is preparing our child for college and beyond by letting him know it’s okay to be himself. The teachers he has had, encourage him in the dream he has for his life.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TCS?

We would tell them that it’s a school where their child will not get lost. Their child would be loved on and encouraged daily. And they would feel at home as well.