I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all our parents who are working hard with their children at home – especially those with elementary and middle school students who are also working full time jobs while helping your children with their remote learning. You are all doing a terrific job! 

While partnering with parents has always been part of our mission at TCS, it has never been more necessary than at a time like this! I have heard many parents express how much they appreciate what the teachers are doing. I want you to know we greatly appreciate what our parents are doing as well! Thank you for being in this with us together!  

It has been said that in times of crisis, you learn what you are really made of. We are learning through this trial that Timothy Christian School is made up of an incredible community of families and teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that their children receive an excellent Christ-centered education.  

We are truly grateful for all your words of support and encouragement. Over these last few weeks, here is some of the feedback parents have shared: 

“Thank you to all faculty and staff at TCS! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication and willingness to forgo your spring break, for training, so our students can be better prepared for the road ahead!” 

“I love the video you sent! You have all done an awesome job with the distance learning at the high school level. I am impressed with how quickly the new technology was introduced and is being utilized with effectiveness in such a short period of time.” 

My son is actually handling the changes very well. Timothy has really helped him become more independent and responsible, it’s actually amazing to see:). I thank God for you guys! 

In Response to Ms. McKay’s April Fool’s joke for the MS & HS: “You just made our day/week/month…this was the best and the most realistic joke we have seen in a long time. When we realized this was a joke, we literally laughed until we had tears…. This is great that during these tough times, you have such a sense of humor, thank you so much for thinking outside the box and making it fun for all of us.”  

“I just want to take a minute to thank you for your hard work and attentiveness to the students.  I was speaking to a mom at another school, and TCS is way ahead of the online learning curve.  In fact, they announced that all the work they completed for the past 3 weeks didn’t count! (how exasperating is that?) I think we are over the learning curve and enjoying the benefits of online learning now. Thanks again and thank the Lord for the wonderful faculty and students at TCS.” 

I just wanted to thank you for the postcard. It is such a gift and tremendous comfort to know that you and other staff at Timothy are praying for my daughter. Thank you so very much.  

“Mrs. Dagnall was so incredibly helpful today. She really went above and beyond.  A HUGE kudos to her for not only creating those “submitting work” videos but then helping personally navigate us through some of the tech challenges to have our boys work independently on their iPads rather than across different devices in the house. Thank you for the continued dedication of your staff. Their grace, humor, patience and creativity has really shined through. Our son actually ran downstairs to get his iPad this morning for his attendance question BEFORE eating breakfast and reading the daily sports and comics.  That’s quite an accomplishment! We continue to lift up TCS, staff, students and families in our prayers.”  

Thank you so much to all the teachers!  I know this is new for everyone and, as a parent, I see firsthand how my kids are interacting with their teachers and staying on schedule to submit their assignments on time.  It’s as if they are still in school, just without the physical interaction.  Not only that, in the middle of it all, they’ll step away from their books to go on the treadmill.  When I ask them what they’re doing they tell me it’s PE homework.  I love it! You all are the best!  Thank you so much for all you do! 

Your communication with the kids and the parents has been excellent!  Thank you for loving the kids and all you are doing for them to make online learning a success! Your encouragement and positive spirit are a blessing! Truly grateful! 

“WE LOVE MRS. MAC… we believe you are doing an amazing job as our principal. Thank you for cheering on our kids, and us.  Thank you for helping us partner with the Lord to lead them into the powerful gamechangers they will be for this generation after a turbulent season like this.” 

I just want to express my gratitude to you and ALL the other teachers in the school. Teaching my son has been a little challenging and all I kept hearing is “Mrs. Barry don’t do it like that” lol he really misses you and of course his classmates. Thank you for everything that you do!  I’ve always been a parent who cares about teachers because I do truly feel the work that you all do is underpaid but now I wish I had a million dollars to give because you deserve it. 

would like to commend you on the work that you have been doing to provide the class with virtual learning. From one educator to another, nice job!!! Thank you for all that you are doing during this time to facilitate student learning. The Class Dojo platform is highly organized. Our daughter has enjoyed watching your videos, and the Zoom meeting was also great. Again, thank you and God bless.” 

Absolutely love and appreciate what the school is doing for the kids!!