On behalf of the Athletic Department of Timothy Christian School, we would like to encourage you.  Staying physically active in a time when we are told to stay at home is important.  It not only keeps our bodies in better shape, but it also helps to keep us mentally healthy. 

Our school trainer provides a weekly set of daily exercises targeting cardio, as well as upper and lower body strengthening and flexibility.  These exercises are suitable for the entire family.  They can be modified in intensity simply by adding weights or increasing the number of sets.  It is a great framework that addresses physical and mental health while bringing the family together.  Keeping muscles moving to maintain strength, endurance and flexibility will prevent issues down the road where muscle weakness and imbalance can cause pain and discomfort.  

Mental health is essential and is one of the greatest benefits of exercise.  Exercise can help release hormones to the brain that increase feelings of happiness and self-confidence. It also aids in the reduction of stress hormones released by the brain especially in uncertain and stressful times such as the one we are currently in. Being active is always important, so make sure to set aside a few minutes each day.  We pray this blesses you and challenges you to stay active in this season!  Check out a week’s worth of exercises below!  

God Bless & Go Tigers 

Nick Badillo Athletic Director 

Rob Eckert, LAT, ATC Athletic Trainer