By Krisi McInerney, TCS Elementary Principal

Normalcy. Routine. Structure. 

As a type A Mom and principal this transition to at-home-learning with four kids has not been easy.   It has been a huge adjustment for all of us. My family and my staff have heard the words “grace upon grace” over and over. During this time of uncertainty and pandemic we all need to have grace for each other and for ourselves. 

I have found that taking lots of breaks helps. We try to do as much school work as we can coupled with housework and playtime outside. My kids have been riding their bikes and scooters as much as possible. After dinner we have been walking around our neighborhood as a family. I have to say this has been wonderful family time. Yes, there have been some disagreements and the kids bicker at times, but at least we have all been healthy and safe. 

Here are a few tips I would like to share that have been working for our family at home. 

First, we start our day with reading God’s word and praying. Sometimes we even end the day this way. It has been great for faith building and hearing each other’s prayer requests. 

Second, we make sure each of our children has a work space. At their work space there are pencils, paper, crayons, and all of the books they need. This is helping us keep organized and ready for school each day. Everyone has their own space. It can be at the dining room table, in an office, at a desk in their bedroom or even a table set up in a playroom. Everyone needs their own spot. 

Third, be sure to connect with your teacher by email or Class Dojo daily. (This of course will depend on what your school is using as virtual learning continues each week.) Stay connected. Upload assignments daily. Budget your time well. This is not a time to procrastinate or be overwhelmed. Do a little bit each day and take breaks as needed. 

Fourth, drinking lots of water and exercising everyday really does help!  Remember, if your kids are eating junk food they will not perform at their best. Try cutting up fruits and veggies and having a dip like hummus or peanut butter. Fill up those water bottles throughout the day. Eat brain food! As parents we need to be good examples in this department. Have a bit of recess or PE each day. Do sit ups or push ups as a family. 

Lastly, reading at bedtime is so important. I have been posting 7:00 bedtime stories for all the elementary students. It has reminded me about the joy of reading a good book and sharing it with those I love. 

We are all in this together! Perseverance is our word for April. Keep persevering! You are all doing a great job. Remember, grace upon grace. God extends so much grace to us and we can be filled with His grace and pour it out on others. (John 1:16) 

To watch all of Mrs. McInerney’s videos visit her YouTube Channel: Principal McInerney.