By TCS Head of School, James Smock

During the Easter season, I recognize the importance of this special time of year. During my devotional times, I have had a few thoughts that I have been pondering about the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid for us. Though recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus have socially distanced us from one another, we can still share in God’s phenomenal love and grace that he has for us.  I invite you to follow the link below as I share my thoughts regarding the Easter season.

Through technology, we can be blessed in many ways that only a few years ago would be almost impossible.  The David Wesley Virtual Choir sings the song In Christ Alone, which relates so well to my thoughts, in the following video.  The vocal orchestration is created by sharing a common video through a special website.  Each choir member videos their singing as they listen to those who went before them.  It a wonderful testimony to how God can use technological advancements to honor Himself and demonstrates the joy of unity in Christ as we work together.

It is my prayer that you personally experience the treasure of Christ’s gift of salvation through what He did for you on the Cross.  Because of His sacrifice, you do not need to remain in your sins. The Spirit has the power through Jesus’ shed blood to offer you forgiveness for sins and allows you to have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe. 

Dr. Dan Allen, Director of and chapel speaker at Timothy Christian School, has a wonderful video to help you understand this gift of salvation.  I encourage you to follow the link below: