Elementary Kindness Assemblies at Timothy, just introduced this school year, are giving “kind” a whole new meaning for students. In these monthly gatherings students in K-5 are learning about some deep and meaningful topics including; How to handle a bully…don’t be a bully be a buddy, Empathy: Walking/standing in someone else’s shoes, Inclusion…not exclusion and many others.

With just three assemblies complete so far, they are making a noticeable difference.

“We are seeing that students now have a language of kindness in their vocabulary.  How many second graders do you know that know the word empathy?,” asked Elementary Principal, Kristi McInerney. “We are teaching them these terms and reinforcing what it means to go above and beyond to be kind and aware of the people around them.”

Although simple in name, Kindness Assemblies reach deeper than simply teaching students to “be kind,” they are life lessons and students are beginning to implement them.

“I learned that I should tell someone if I am being bullied,” said fourth grader, Selah T. “I had to tell my mom that someone was bullying me at soccer in my township.  My mom was able to help me and told the coach, and the bullying stopped!”

“We learned how to have empathy and walk in other people’s shoes,” added 3rd grader, Lauren Sulton. “because the person will feel important and you are not just thinking about yourself.”

On Kindness Assembly days students are allowed to dress down and wear their positive themed t-shirts. McInerney says this sets a tone and mood for the entire day and anticipation that the assembly is going to be positive and special. 

“We live in a very me-focused world.  My goal is to teach them a new way of behavior, open their eyes and help them to see that everyone has a story.  We all need love and kindness and school should be a safe place to learn.  We should want to come here each day.  We should include everyone and not leave anyone feeling left out or alone.”

Each assembly will continue to focus on a new angle of kindness. Kindness Assemblies are planned for the remainder of this school year and into next. Parents are encouraged to attend.