By Nick Badillo, TCS Athletic Director

We are excited to continue to offer first class athletic opportunities here at TCS. Coming into the 2019-20 school year we invested a portion of our athletic budget to take our use of technology in sports to another level! The Hudl platform has allowed us to record all of our JV and Varsity matches this fall and we will do so again this winter. These videos are used daily to help our athletes improve their game. They are also used as a recruiting tool for our aspiring college athletes. In addition, the Hudl platform also allows for our athletes and families to view our games through an app, while at home or on the go.

Our new team room, which we created this year has the necessary technology for our teams to meet together and grow together. This space has played a big role, as a resource to our coaches in teaching and we are excited to continue to improve this room to meet the needs of our teams. 

As we enter the winter season shortly, we want to share with you some exciting news about our latest developments inside of our TCS Athletic Department. Over the past few months Rob Eckert, our athletic trainer, and I have been working on ways to improve the sports medicine side of our athletic department. We have been working diligently to identify, develop and implement programs, workouts and opportunities that will prepare our athletes for competition. As a result, we have hired a strength and conditioning coach, David Suoto, to be a part of the winter and spring seasons here at TCS. David’s son Javier is a freshman at TCS. David has a passion to see us achieve the conditioning goals we have set as a department. He has been a trainer on staff with the NY/NJ Red Bulls, the Washington Wizards, and many other professional and amateur organizations. Please welcome David when you see him on campus.

All of our prospective winter athletes were invited to an introductory strength and conditioning class at the beginning of November.  From this original session, David helped each athlete begin to put a workout plan in place to develop them as a unique athlete.

These workouts will include all the components of muscular, strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, speed, agility and quickness training, and flexibility. The intensity of the sessions will gradually increase until the last week of November prior to the beginning of the winter season in order to allow the body to recover and regenerate while getting ready for the demands of the winter sports season. We are excited also to have an in-season program focused on maintaining form and body recovery between games. Our main targets are ACL tears and hamstring strain prevention, and overall strength and body mechanics so these student athletes will learn how to move properly and activate the pertinent muscle or muscle groups to become more efficient in their movement. This program is open to both our male and female athletes. If you would like more information please contact our AD, Nick Badillo or our Head Athletic Trainer, Rob Eckert. 

God Bless! Go Tigers!