Results from the 2018-19 Vocabulary Bowl are in and Timothy Christian High Schoolers placed first in the NJ Division III High School competition. They also earned top spots in other competitions at the Bowl including #5 in the NJ HS Overall category, #19 in the USA Division III HS and #163 in the USA HS Overall.

A core group of Timothy students led TCS to the first place title in their division with 28,309 words mastered.  Four top TCS students made extraordinary contributions: Liliana J., Joseph A., Jerry S., and Darrick M.

“When given proper incentives, student achievement follows,” explained TCS teacher and advisor, Matt Tkachuk. “Through this competition, students expanded their vocabulary, gained more confidence in reading, improved pronunciation, and increased their ability to answer passage-based questions. It is one of the most powerful tools available to the English enthusiast.”

The competition is led by, an organization that takes advantage of the latest research in the science of learning to create an unprecedented resource for building vocabulary. Described as “the fastest and most efficient way to master new words,” the adaptive technology challenges students to master words by correctly answering questions that call for sophisticated processing that increases critical reading ability.

In total, the Vocabulary Bowl had 1,378,387 students from 39,702 schools across North America compete and collectively master 35,513,120 words!

Students at TCS earned points, badges, and rankings from the site and top players received HW passes and gift cards from Mr. Tkachuk. As an alternative assessment, students had the choice of completing vocabulary lists using the game-based learning site in addition to vocabulary books for bonus points.

TCS aims to harness technology that allows our students to be life-long learners, more equipped to impact the world. We are proud of all our students for this extraordinary accomplishment!