Timothy Christian School recently welcomed back thirteen stellar alumni to participate in our annual Alumni Career Day. The group included an engineer, accountant, a missionary journalist, physical therapist, pastor and others in the healthcare and military fields.

The alumni gave a brief overview of their careers to the entire high school and explained how their time at TCS was invaluable in preparing them for the future. Following this, each of the alumni did three 20 minute break-out sessions where they presented to small groups of students who had pre-selected them. Students were able to ask questions of our alumni during the individual break-out sessions.

“It was really nice to go back to the same spot I had been in as a student, but seeing it from a different lens,” says Chrystal Puvabanditsin, Class of 2005, “I know that it’s a struggle to choose your path and figure out which direction to take, and I’m happy if I was able to provide some guidance to the students.”

Their careers and the path God has taken them on since they graduated from TCS all differ, but all of our visiting alumni had some words of advice for our high schoolers that were undoubtedly shaped by their journeys since leaving TCS.

“I think the best advice I can give students is to constantly seek growth – both professionally and spiritually,” remarked Cristina Putz, Class of 2010. “Contentment is something that a lot of people struggle with and people tend to live in a day to day routine, but if you’re constantly pushing yourself, you are able to grow and expand and challenge yourself and others.”

Stephen Rabideau, Class of 2010, an engineer now, spent some time reflecting on the impact TCS has had on his life, which is still felt today.

“My experience with the debate team was one of my best memories,” says Rabideau. “It helped me to not be afraid when doing any public speaking and I use that skill all the time today. I also still maintain the comradery and friendships from TCS today.”

Jason Casper, Class of 92’ had some advice for those students who are still undecided about their college pursuits. “If you try to make your decisions on what honors God and what His will is, it doesn’t really matter what path you choose. God will lead you in the path where He’s going to use you best,” says Casper. “In that there’s great happiness and it takes a lot of pressure off of you to figure out what you’re supposed to do.”

Timothy Christian School would like to sincerely thank all of the alumni who presented during this year’s Alumni Career Day!

If you are a TCS alum with an interesting story to tell of your journey during and after TCS, we’d love to hear it. Please contact us