For the third consecutive year, Timothy Christian School’s Liam Seeley was the winner of our school level National Geographic Bee and advanced to the state level.

Liam, a seventh grader, excelled at the school-level test: answering questions about states, capitals, continents, flora and fauna, and more.

After becoming the winner at TCS, Liam took an online qualifier test to see if he would advance to the State Level Bee and passed! He was one of only 104 students from across the state chosen to compete at the NJ State Geographic Bee in late March at Rowan University.

NJ always has some tough competition, but Liam was up for the challenge on the day of the state level test – armed with his head full of geography facts and wearing his “National Geographic Society” socks.

“We always joke that the reward for winning your school bee, is you get to take a test,” says Tamara Seeley, Liam’s mother. “While waiting for the event to start, he “relaxed” by doing geography trivia for fun. I was worried he was cramming, but he said it was his way to relax. He amazes me with his ability to stay so calm under pressure.”

Liam made it past the initial preliminaries and was in the tie-breaker round for a spot in the top ten. Ultimately, he did not make the top ten (final round) but was proud of his accomplishment.

“It was really cool to be around kids who enjoy geography like me,” says Liam. “I learned even more this year especially about careers that utilize geography. You can make a decent living in geography. I’m thankful to Mrs. Hubler for organizing and devoting her time to the GeoBee at TCS. She’s been supportive for many years. I am going to continue to work harder to achieve my goal of winning the GeoBee.”

At the state competition, students were reminded that just to get to this point is quite an accomplishment, considering approximately two million 5th-8th graders across the country competed.

We are so proud of Liam’s accomplishments and look forward to seeing all God has planned for his life which we suspect certainly may have something to do with his love for geography!