A new program launched this year at TCS encourages students to spend more of their time serving. Tiger Serve was birthed as a result of a suggestion made by a few parents at a “Coffee with the HS Principal” last school year. These parents are passionate about serving others and came together with Principal McKay to create Tiger Serve in the fall of 2018.

Each month students and parents are informed of volunteer opportunities they can sign up for. The Tiger Serve program encourages middle school students to provide at least five hours of service for each year they attend TCS. This is not mandatory for graduation, yet students are encouraged to try and complete their hours by the end of each school year. High school students are encouraged to serve at least ten hours in the community each year. Students can also log time for volunteer opportunities they find on their own.

“We want all our students at TCS to experience the joy of serving others and although many of them already get these experiences through excellent youth group and family provided opportunities, others may need a little more prodding to get out of their comfort zone into new experiences,” says TCS HS Principal, Laura McKay. “The service program allows students to take ownership and

explore service opportunities that use their gifts and interests to meet the needs of individuals and agencies that can use assistance. Our ultimate goal is that Timothy Christian graduates will make ‘Kingdom Service’ a life habit.”

“The program teaches our children the value of giving back. It also helps them in preparing for college,” says TCS parent, Karen Aviles. “My son is preparing for college right now and we’re seeing just how important it is. Colleges are looking at this area – how would their incoming students represent their school? They want a student who is well-rounded.”

God’s Word tells us in I Peter 4:10, “Each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” Tiger Serve shows our youth how to put that command into practice.

Questions about the program and volunteer opportunities can be directed to the service program committee at tigerserve@timothychristian.org.