Sometimes it’s difficult for the homeless to get the resources they need, but what if the help came to them? That’s exactly what the NYC Relief Bus does. Eight times a week, this bus travels to five different locations serving homemade bread and soup, distributing hygiene kits, and praying for the needs of those they call “friends on the street.”

Principal McKay is excited about bringing the NYC Relief ministry back to TCS this year for our sophomores to get the opportunity to be the volunteers who provide the blessings coming from this bus. Small groups of four or five sophomores at a time, along with a chaperone, spend a day being the hands and feet of Christ as they volunteer with the bus.

The experience has been eye opening for many of them.

“I learned from this experience that you should not judge people based on their conditions or state of being,” explained TCS student, Kyla Johnson. “I now better understand the struggles of those who are less fortunate than I am. The people I met have forever changed my opinion and impression of the homeless.”

International student, Sean Wan listened to several heartfelt stories from people visiting and realized some of them have been through very difficult struggles. He was happy to serve and be the hands and feet of Christ.

“On the way back to TCS, I just kept thinking about their lives,” adds Wan. “What about tonight, what will happen to them tomorrow.”


This opportunity also gives students a chance to witness and publicly pray for those who visit the bus.

“I was shocked to see how many people said yes to prayer and what they were able to share about their faith,” said TCS student, Joshua Moses. “I praise God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be able to serve others like he commanded.”

“I see the Lord opening the eyes of our students to the value and vulnerability of the homeless,” says Ella Mendalski, TCS staff and parent who chaperoned one of the trips. “They are overwhelmed with comp

assion; they talk with them, and are themselves blessed by many of the homeless who encourage them to live for the Lord regardless of their situations.”

Timothy students will be part of the NYC Relief Bus mission three more times this school year.

The opportunity is just one of the many practical experiences TCS is giving students to integrate Biblical truth into their daily lives and impact their culture and community for Christ.