Timothy’s most recent graduates, the 22 members of the class of 2018, are now attending some well-known colleges including Purdue University, Arizona State University, Cairn University and Rutgers University among many others such as the Oregon Culinary Institute and Penn State.  

Our graduates are well prepared academically and spiritually for what they will encounter in college.  

Whether attending a Christian or secular college, they are no doubt entering new territory. Yet our graduates are ready for the challenges ahead equipped with excellent academics, practical life skills and a biblical worldview. Some of our alumni will be exempt from several of their college courses because of the AP classes or dual-enrollment they took at TCS.  All will be armed with the spiritual foundation that they have developed at Timothy through Bible and world-view classes, chapel, mission trips, debate and athletic teams, class retreats, and their own walk with the Lord. Many we caught up with are grateful for the foundation that was laid during their time with us.  

“Being a student at TCS for the last 12 years has given me the academic and spiritual foundation that I need to face the world we live in today,” remarks alumna, Janique Jules. “Now attending Penn State, I believe that the tools and resources I have learned will last a lifetime and help me to walk closer with God over my next four years.”  

Keeping God first is the number one goal for alum, Josh Koshy who is already plugged into a church near Purdue University in Indiana.  

“I feel that TCS has given me the foundation I need that even though I’m going to a secular school, I can still pursue my Christian beliefs in college and share what I know with other people,” said Koshy. “Obviously I’m not going to change everybody that’s there but as long as I change one person then I’m doing my job.” 

Setting the example as Koshy suggests, is one of a few tried and true tips that will help our graduates get settled into their new routine early. This is also important for our students here at TCS. You can read about 7 Tips for a Successful School Year 

Alumna Nicole Caruso says she is ready for anything.  

“One thing that I will take with me into college is that God has placed me where he wants me to be. No matter what happens, God is in control of it all and he will use me in ways I can only imagine,” says Caruso. 

We’re excited to see where God will lead these alumni in the future and are praying for a successful school year for all!