Did you know there are currently ten alumni working at TCS?

Tiger pride runs deep for these faculty who have found working for their Alma Mater to be a blessing. We recently asked all of them to tell us what they love about working at Timothy Christian School.

Kimberly Andino, 2nd Grade Teacher and TCS Class of 2007, helps students get over their nerves on the first day of school.

“I love being able to show students their place in TCS. It’s living history, and once they put on that uniform they belong to the family. We don’t all come from large families or know our family history, but this is a school that gives roots to our students. A foundation of faith, community, and the love of knowledge,” Barbara Nelson, MS & HS Theatre Teacher, HS Creative Writing, HS Essay Writing and TCS Class of 1994.

“I love working at TCS and being an alumnus because I feel like I can connect with the students on a better level. I have been in their shoes and have that in common with them,” says Bethany Lambertson, K4 teacher and TCS Class of 2010. “I also love the fact that working at TCS allows me to continue to not only teach my students about Christ, but also strengthens my faith with Christ daily! Not many realize the privilege we have being able to do this. Working alongside and establishing friendships with teachers who I had when I was a student here, is a wonderful bonus.”

Amy Delmanto, 5th grade teacher at TCS and Class of 1993 helps a student.

“Timothy Christian holds a special place in my heart. I am a 1993 graduate of Timothy Christian.  I also met my husband Aaron here at TCS.  He was in the graduating class above me.  Both of our parents believed strongly in the value of Christian Education and made many sacrifices for us to attend TCS.  I am so thankful for the Biblical Worldview and excellent education that I received here.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to be back here teaching so that I can be a part of sharing God’s Word with the next generation,” says Amy Delmanto, 5th Grade Teacher and TCS Class of 1993.

“I love working at TCS and being an alum because I’m not only able to build relationships with the families in my class, but also with other teachers and staff members who were here during my time attending TCS as a student. It was so great when I first came to work here, and I reconnected with teachers I knew from years before,” says Laura Gamadia, 2nd Grade Teacher and TCS Class of 2001.

Glad to be back at TCS, High School History Teacher and TCS Class of 2006 Alum, Matthew Tkachuk,introduces himself on the first day of the school year.

“I’m blessed to have faith-based conversations with students who may be seeking God in a deeper way,” says Matthew Tkachuk, TCS High School History Teacher and TCS Class of 2006.  “It was these conversations during my high school years that made Timothy a place where I could grow and consider how to reach others.”

“Being a student here for 13 years and now teaching here has given me the opportunity to see this school grow. It’s amazing how it has changed just since I graduated in 2012,” says Alison Rabideau, Kindergarten Teacher and TCS Class of 2012. “I’m glad I can give back to the school that had such a profound impact on my life. I hope the students I interact with will have a similar experience. It’s the teachers that make this school a wonderful place, and I’m thankful to be on the giving end of that now.”

“It is really cool to work at TCS as a teacher in the same classroom I first started in when I was in 5th grade! It feels like I’ve come full circle. I love working here because it feels like home. Going through college and grad school, I had a desire to come back and teach here and God allowed that to happen. My favorite part about teaching here is being able to teach Bible and instill in my students the importance of reading the Word and a strong prayer life. It keeps me accountable in my own walk to know that my students are looking to me,” says Kimberly Andino, 2nd Grade Teacher and TCS Class of 2007.

“Some of the same teachers I had as a student when I went to Timothy are still teaching and it is fun being able to teach alongside them now and learn from their years of experience,” says Jessie Elsaesser, High School Math Teacher and TCS Class of 2005. “There is such a wide range of experience level among the staff at TCS, and when we get to work together it makes each of us better.”

Jessie Elsaesser, High School Math Teacher and TCS Class of 2005 helps a student with math.

“I am so often reminded of the blessing that I have been given to work with a community that poured into me throughout my schooling years. So often, I see my younger self in the students that I work with, and I am continually motivated to provide the guidance, leadership, and wisdom that I was given as a student at TCS,” Francis Decker, 6th Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies Teacher and TCS Class of 2009.

“As an alum, I am part of the rich history of Timothy Christian School and know the deep impact it has had on my own life. As a staff member, I am part of the present and future of the school by advancing its mission so that the next generation of students can learn and be impacted for Christ the way I was,” Laura McKay, High School Science Teacher, Director of Student Life, Director of Operations, Advancement Assistant and TCS Class of 1985.

We love hearing from all of our alumni! If you are a TCS alum and have a great story of what God is doing in your life, please email Danielle Woodruffe at dwoodruffe@timothychristian.org.