Timothy Christian School is getting a much needed upgrade. A new campus-wide communication system is being installed thanks to an $18,000 grant from Investors Bank Foundation.

The new installment includes eighty IP phones that will allow staff in classrooms, offices, and large assembly areas, quick and easy two-way communication between each other and the central office.

A new bell scheduling system will also be purchased with the grant, which will permit all classes to end and start simultaneously. Several indoor and outdoor loud speakers and horns will ensure critical communications can be heard by students and staff who are in loud areas such as the cafeteria, the gym and outdoor spaces including playgrounds and athletics fields. Additionally, TCS will seek to improve communication to the gymnasium which currently has limited communications access.

“It was time for our system to have a complete overhaul. The layout of our campus is unique in that we are not centralized – we operate out of eight different buildings,” says Lisa Dyer, TCS Director of Advancement. “This new system will increase efficiency in paging for every day needs, but will also provide alerts with the push of one button in case of an emergency campus-wide.”

Laura McKay, Director of Campus Operations, led the charge and did much of the ground work to make this project become a reality.

“I could not have made it happen without Mike,” says McKay.

TCS parent and board member, Mike Gottshall, has worked tirelessly on this project volunteering much of his time to do the bulk of the work of updating the old telephone technology that currently exists with new internet technology. Gottshall also helped TCS find the lowest bidding company to finish up the job.

“The process is involved, because we are working off of an old system and replacing old cables and wires that need to be updated,” says Gottshall. “The new system is IP based, which means it is using newer, quicker technology with better functionality. This upgrade is going to make us safer and allow for better communication.”

TCS was encouraged to apply for the grant by its current bank, Investors, which had already been a blessing to the mission of the school. TCS started banking with Investors recently when it agreed to provide a 10-year low interest loan for the remaining balance on building seven.

Investors Bank came to us, offered us the lowest interest rate and the longest term. No other bank came close.  Investors said,’ you are part of the community, doing a good thing; we want to work with you,” says Dr. Hubert Hartzler, TCS Superintendent. “I have moved my own personal account over to Investors because of this. I have never felt that level of customer service with a bank before.”

TCS would like to thank Dan Eatman of Investors Bank who first encouraged us to apply for the grant, as well as the Gottshall family and Laura McKay for their hard work and commitment to this project.

Additionally, you can support TCS just by banking with Investors Bank through the Care2Share Program. Investors Bank will donate .25% on the average monthly balance of your checking account or .15% on the average monthly balance of your savings account every quarter. The program is completely FREE for you and will not affect any of the features or benefits that come with your accounts. Simply complete an Investors Care2Share Account Linking form to let Investors know that you would like to support TCS!