Timothy Christian School recently welcomed five teachers from the country of Myanmar (also called Burma) in Asia. The teachers were at TCS for a day of multi-sensory training in reading, math and science with TCS first grade teacher, Jeanne Ramunda.

The group of educators teach at a small Christian school in Myanmar that serves close to 60 preschoolers and 100 additional students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Ziinlun Vunt first started the school with her husband twelve years ago in their home after noticing the need Christian families had for proper training of their children in the way of the Lord. The school has expanded since then, but the staff of about 17 have never had formal training. Vunt and her staff have been praying for professional development for twelve years.

“We really aren’t doing enough. I felt guilty and I asked God; ‘Do you want us to run this school? Then you have to show us the way’,” says Vunt.

God met their need when a connection was unexpectedly made a year ago between Vunt’s husband and Mr. and Mrs. Todd; a Christian couple who are teachers in New Jersey. The couple agreed to train the group for seven weeks. The training included teaching them dual curriculum and everything from classroom management, tracking, scope and sequencing to lesson planning and took place in different locations, including a day at Timothy! They approached Timothy for the experience of training in a Christian School.

“I loved the chance to get to work with these teachers. Seeing their dedication and passion to do God’s work in their country without any supplies and resources and to train up these children in a Christian environment is really inspiring,” says TCS First Grade Teacher, Jeanne Ramunda.  “You could tell they were really grateful for the experience and soaked in everything we were teaching them.”

The teachers who have just headed back to Myanmar say the experience was a dream come true for them and evidence of a faithful God who hears and answers prayer!