FullSizeRender (2)Timothy Christian School recently welcomed back nine stellar alumni to participate in our annual Alumni Career Day. The group included a doctor, an architect, a councilman, some in the science fields, engineering, business, finance and sports management.

Each alum gave a brief overview of their careers to the entire high school and explained how their time at TCS was invaluable in preparing them for the future.

“I loved my time here and I’m glad to be back,” said Jessica Pisapia Margulies, Architect, Business Owner and Class of 1990. “I came to Timothy in 7th grade and I had a singular dream, I wanted to be an architect. It’s not easy to get into architecture school and Timothy worked with me to help me get there.”

“Having a really advanced science program at TCS, I had no problem getting through some of the more difficult science classes in college,” said Dr. Jeff Leary, M.D., Class of 1996.

The career paths of TCS alum have been as diverse as they are. While their former teachers can marvel at how far they have come, the visiting nine shared stories of their journeys with our students and insight into what they are now doing during individual breakout sessions.

“One of the first expIMG_1839eriences I had in healthcare was at Timothy. We went to a nursing home and I was able to walk with an elderly patient and one of the nurses asked me if I’d ever considered becoming a  nurse, “ explained Casey Katz, a now registered nurse and Class of 2011. “I wouldn’t have had that unique service opportunity if not for Timothy.”

Equally as important as landing their dream job, was keeping God at the center of it all which was  taught and nurtured during their time at TCS.

“Timothy gave me a foundation for my faith. The ability to be able to pray before a test and be able to talk about your faith is a gift that Timothy gave me,” said Margulies.

“I think being able to justify and explain your beliefs in a rational manner helped me in the future. That’s something I learned at TCS,” said Leary.

“Ultimately you can be promoted and make tons of money but everyone looks at you like why do I want to be like that guy? Timothy helped me understand that there’s a people element. By going on the missions trip at Timothy and supporting missionaries; all these things helped prepare me in thinking it’s not just about job success but connecting with people,” said Brian Phillips, Hedgefund Manager and Class of 2003.

And looking back they are grateful for the experience. Alum, Matthew Bills sees the life lessons learned as a child and teen at Timothy as invaluable to his adult life.

IMG_1850“You look at life and it’s not like I can go to work, and then I can talk to God and they can be totally separate,” says Bills. “So I think Christian education is that same lesson. They’re intertwined and you have to have both of them in order to flourish.”

At Timothy we believe each and every student is uniquely designed by our Creator. That means their purpose, plans and even careers will be diverse to what God has called them to do. Yet they are to be disciples for Him in whatever career path they take.

“For me, I truly started living for God my sophomore year here. Now coaching, I don’t work in a Christian environment. But being able to have people tell me, there’s something different about you. I know God’s calling me to be a light to some of those kids,” said Dave Dickerson, Coach, Sports Manager and Class of 2005.

Alum, Johnathan Jessen had some words of wisdom for our students who are not sure what direction they’d like to take.

“If someone had asked me what do you want to do with your life, probably second to the last on the list would be driving a nuclear powered submarine. It would be right next to being a Jedi Knight. But that’s what I end up doing. Proverbs 69 says the heart of man plans his paths but the Lord directs his steps. God’s not going to let you forget things you are interested in. He’s going to bring them back up,” said Johnathan Jessen, Electrical Engineer, Reserve Navy Submarine Captain and Class of 2005’.

FullSizeRenderTimothy Christian School would like to sincerely thank all of the alumni who presented during this year’s Alumni Career Day: Matthew Bills, Class of 2000, Dave Dickerson, Class of 2005, Johnathan Jessen, Class of 2005, Casey Katz, Class of 2011, Jeff Leary, Class of 1996, Jessica Pisapia Margulies, Class of 1990, Dave McKay, Class of 1991, Brian Phillips, Class of 2003 and Derryck White, Class of 1985.

If you are a TCS alum with an interesting story to tell of your journey during and after TCS, we’d love to hear it. Please contact us photos@timothychristian.org.