Last week we were honored to have heroes among us as we celebrated Veteran’s Day at TCS!

The celebration was held during the first “All School”dsc_1056 Chapel of the year. Grades K4-12th filled the bleachers of the TCS gymnasium, as well as several parents, alumni, grandparents and friends of Timothy, some of whom have served our country.

Students from little to big approached the podium to declare the Pledge of Allegiance, to explain the meaning behind the Pledge of Allegiance, the history of our National Anthem and a history lesson into America’s Christian heritage. The band and chorus led the crowd in the National Anthem, America (My Country Tis of Thee) and God Bless America.

Veterans and their dsc_1074family members from all branches of our military were asked to stand up when their branch was mentioned. Members of the U.S. Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard were applauded by students, faculty and staff.


TCS Parent and Veteran, Lieutenant Colonel William Clemons, RET served as this year’s guest speaker.

This year’s main speaker was TCS parent and Veteran, Lieutenant Colonel William Clemons, RET. Speaking to the millennial generation, Clemons challenged students to take part in “Operation APPS,” an acronym he created which stands for and encourages students to:

A     Acknowledge and Applaud our Veterans by saying, “thank you for your service.”
P     Pray for a Vet they meet or even simply see. Pray that they are drawing closer to the Lord and that the Lord is meeting their needs.
PS   Participate & Serve by getting involved in touching the lives of Veterans.

“I want you to break the cycle of feeling shy speaking to strangers and you can start with Veterans,” said Clemons. “It will make their day.”

Chapel culminated with some students immediately taking on the APPS Mission and making a point of thanking our visiting Veterans.

At TCS, we’d like to thank them as well. Thank you Veterans for all the sacrifices you make to serve our country and protect our freedom in America. We appreciate you!