Members of the TCS Class of 2016 sported their college shirts – June 2016.


Many of Timothy’s most recent graduates have already begun their journey to college and are starting classes this week. The 40 members of the class of 2016 represent 21 colleges, among them Rutgers, Cairn, Howard and Liberty Universities and Stevens Institute of Technology.

We caught up with a few of them just before embarking on this life changing journey. Many are greeting the new school year with nervous excitement and holding on to the lessons learned at Timothy.

“I’m excited for a new chapter, nervous for a new environment, but so curious to see what God has in store in the next four years,” said Sarah Saquian, Occupational Therapy Major at Liberty University.

“I am looking to start off my college career strong academically, but also get involved. I have signed up for a couple of clubs that involve public service,” explained Jonathan Matthew, Biology Major at Temple University. “I want to enjoy the college experience and have fun, so I am looking to sign up for intramural soccer and volleyball.”

Keeping God first is the number one goal for Sydney Saint-Jean, a biology major at Andrews University.


Alumni; Christopher Liu, Matthew Ng and Nikhil Paul pose at the TCS 2016 graduation.

“Timothy has prepared me for this day academically and spiritually. Timothy definitely stressed the idea of putting God first in your life, and trusting him in the tough situations,” said Saint-Jean.

Christopher Liu, a freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology is excited about connecting with other like-minded Christians.

“I hope to expand my knowledge and establish good connections with my classmates and professors. I also look forward to joining the Christian fellowship group on campus,” said Liu.

Our graduates find that it’s in the quiet moments of their dorm rooms, library or amidst the hectic cafeteria in their new surroundings, that they can sit back and reflect on where they’ve come from. The training TCS has given them to put Christ first and lean on Him is a pillar of strength when the nerves set in.

“Timothy has given me a strong Christian background that I look to carry with me in college,” Says Matthew. “You have to make an effort to stay close to God in college, and without Timothy, I know that doing so would have been much more difficult.”

“Timothy provided me with a solid Christ-centered education that will allow me to understand the many different worldviews I will encounter on campus, and also help me to defend my own if necessary,” said Liu.

“Timothy has prepared me in the aspect of making sure you’re on top of your personal responsibilities. Because of Timothy, I feel ready academically and spiritually. Also, thanks to Mr. Beaumont, I know to make sure my papers for class are previously stapled before class time,” joked Saquian.

We’re excited to see where God will lead these alumni in the future and are praying for a successful school year!