Bethany Final

Miss Lambertson, New K4 Teacher at TCS

When the doors of school open on September 7th our littlest tigers will flood to room 27. For most of them this will be their first experience in a classroom setting.

It’s this very classroom where their new teacher Bethany Lambertson started her journey at Timothy.

“I came to Timothy in second grade as a student in this exact classroom. I also started my student-teaching in this exact classroom,” said Lambertson. “What better way to start my full-time teaching career in this exact classroom.”

Bethany’s teaching career and training have been with pre-school and kindergarten aged children.

In addition to student teaching at Timothy, this alum has been a regular substitute teacher and a staff member at Summer Quest.

When the head K4 teaching position became available, Bethany saw the opportunity as a “God-thing.”

Her excitement about teaching K4 is transparent when you speak with Bethany and she’s eager to impart her knowledge and guidance on children who will be experiencing their first taste of school with her.

“They’re very open to learn different things and they’re usually very funny too. They’re eager to learn and they’re excited about school. I think that’s my favorite thing about the four year old age group.”

Starting the year off strong so the rest of the year goes well is her goal. By the time preschoolers leave her in June, Bethany plans to have them ready for Kindergarten.

“Most of them have never learned how to be in a classroom, the dos and don’ts of being a student, how to sit at a desk and how to interact with other students appropriately. These will be some of my goals.”

Reading, writing and math are a main focus. Preschoolers also will memorize scripture and start to develop their spiritual muscles, growing ready for Kindergarten but also taking one step closer to finding their identity in Christ.

“Being raised with a Christian education really shaped me once I became a young adult. I was grateful that my parents gave me that opportunity and I realize what a privilege it was to have a Christian education.”

Her upbringing at Timothy has been part of her family dynamic. Bethany has an identical twin sister who has worked at Timothy in the past and an older sister, Mrs. Andino who teaches 4th grade at TCS.

In her spare time she enjoys playing the ukulele. This year, you might just see her playing a song or two with her class.