Timothy Christian School’s Evening with Lee Strobel inspired those who attended to support the work of the Christian school as a way to impact the world through the future generation.speaking 2

On April 14th close to 600 people were blessed to hear best-selling author, Lee Strobel make the Case for Christian Education.group
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Supporters of Timothy Christian School gathered to hear Lee share the story of his conversion to Christianity after years of disbelief. Coming from a strong academic background of research and proof, he has also become a strong supporter of Christian education. His life story has influenced his belief in the impact that a Christian education will have on students for now and for eternity.candid 1

This generation of students, being taught in a Christian School with a biblical world-view will be well prepared to powerfully impact the world for Christ.

At Timothy Christian School, our mission is to provide the finest education for our students that they may use their biblical worldview to reach others for Christ.

student serversstudent servers 2student servers 3Timothy Christian School students and faculty were on hand to serve attendees.
Earlier in the day, Lee spoke to the students in chapel, opening up a question and answer time in which the students were given the opportunity to honestly question issues of faith. Having studied his work in class prior to the chapel service, students were prepared to take full advantage of the time, asking insightful questions that led to deep discussion.


Entertainment for the evening was provided by TCS alumni and staff members, Bethany Lambertson, Kimberly and Mark Andino. The Timothy Christian School band was also on hand to play for the event.


Lee encouraged and challenged attendees to financially support Timothy Christian School so that the school can continue to teach and train disciples for Christ.candid 2

book signing 2Supporters attending were able to meet Lee and get a book signed as a memory of the event. Lee’s most recent book, The Case for Hope: Looking Ahead With Confidence and Courage, again focuses our attention on a truth of our faith – hope is more than a wish, it is true,

book signing 1and it will make a life-changing difference each day.

If you were not able to attend and missed your opportunity to give, it is not too late!

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Join us in supporting Timothy Christian School. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of our children now & for eternity!

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To view the video presentation from the evening, The Case for Timothy Christian School, click here.