Rutgers and bell labs tripsScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) is a focal point of the educational world.

Timothy Christian High School students recently had the opportunity to experience hands on STEM education when they participated in the Bell Labs Future X Tour. Bell Labs, known to have hand in many of the technology innovations of the last century, is a wealth of educational opportunity right in Central New Jersey. Students experienced education in the areas of Quantum Computing and Thermal Management, use and benefits of the latest technology with Lensless Camera, Wireless Integration Lab and the Coming 5G technology. Students also experienced the Quiet Room, famous for its place in the Guinness World Book of Records as the quietest place on earth. Finally, students were exposed to the Technology Showcase highlighting Bell Labs innovations of the last 150 years.

Perhaps the next Pulitzer Prize winning, Bell Labs innovator, was in the group of Timothy Christian School students touring last week? STEM education at Timothy Christian School continues to grow under knowledgeable and dedicated faculty like Mrs. Wendy Gall who coordinated and led this opportunity for the high school and middle school students. Timothy Christian School aims to prepare students to meet all challenges intelligently, including the challenges of technologically-driven future.