ELL300The student body at Timothy Christian School has quickly become a diverse community full of future potential. Over the past three years the educational offerings at Timothy Christian School have expanded to include a full English Language Learners (ELL) program for secondary school students. The ELL offerings include:

High School ELL Courses

  • ELL1 – This class is for new Timothy International Program (TIP) students.
  • ELL2– This is an intermediate level course that meets multiple times per week for classroom instruction and tutorials.
  • ELL3 – This is and advanced level course designed to finish a student’s journey to full fluency in the English language.

Middle School ELL Course

  • Biblical Foundations for ELL: TIP students are taught English using the Gospel.  Instead of going to a traditional Bible class, TCS’ certified ELL instructor uses an ELL Bible curriculum to teach the basics of the Gospel and English Language Skills at the same time.

ELL instruction is designed to help ELLs (English Language Learners) develop their English language skills so that they can do their best in all of their academic classes. Besides teaching the English Language, these courses will also teach the cultural elements that international students will need to understand how to live in America and attend a Christian school. This program is a another example of how Timothy Christian School is meeting the needs of a diverse community.