AP Courses

The academic offerings of the Timothy Christian High School will be expanding in 2015-16. Timothy Christian School continues to strive to offer academic content that will challenge each and every student. The fall of 2015 brings three new Advanced Placement courses to the elective offerings, as well as an advanced science track. Students will have a chance to push themselves to new academic heights and to build attractive academic resumes. Beginning in the fall of 2015, Timothy Christian School will offer:

AP Chemistry: Offered on alternating years with AP Biology, AP Chem will offer students another excellent high level science option in addition to Human Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, and college level Physics (offered with dual credit through Middlesex Community College).

AP Statistics: Advanced Placement Statistics is the AP math course for all students who desire a higher level math class. The course is described as “an excellent option for any secondary school student who has successfully completed a second-year course in algebra and who possesses sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability.” (APCentral Website) Arguably one of the more applicable math courses available to high school students, this course will prepare students to utilize math in everyday situations. It is open to all students who have successfully completed Algebra 2. Unlike other AP courses at TCS, the AP test will not be a requirement for students who wish to take a statistics course without the pressure of a culminating AP test.

(NEW!) AP Computer Science Principles: Offered in addition to AP Computer Science, this course will “introduce the central ideas of computer science and enable students to use creative thinking, imagination, and collaboration to address real-world issues.” (APCentral Website) A new AP offering nationally for 2016/2017, Mrs. Gall has offered to pilot the course here at TCS. We are one of the first schools offering the course in the 2015/2016 school year, meaning that the exam has not yet been created and the course will not officially be “AP” until 2016/2017. The course is open to all juniors and seniors, schedule permitting.

Advanced Science Track: A new option for students who excel in the areas of science and math will be offered to the incoming freshman class at TCS. In order to offer a challenge to our advanced science students, and to open up time for advanced science electives in the junior and senior years, TCS is now opening up an advanced science track for qualifying students. Students who are accepted into this track will take the sophomore level Biology class in the freshman year, and the junior level chemistry class in their sophomore year. Students are then able to take up to three science electives in the junior and senior years. Three science classes are required at TCS for graduation. Students who enter this track will be expected to take at least one high level science class before graduation. Completion of Algebra 1 as an eighth grade student is a requirement for qualification.