m1Kala300The points have been quietly piling up in the gymnasium of Timothy Christian School for three years. The points were scored mostly the old-fashioned way; inside the three point line. The layups, free throws and short jumpers accumulated none the less. The end of Lady Tigers’ basketball games for the past 36 months almost always had the same result, 14-16 quiet points from #10, and more importantly, another win.

Michaela Csorny’s unassuming scoring, was matched by her quiet confidence. You would never know the status of a game, by watching her play. Her facial expressions were the same whether it was an overtime thriller, or the opening tip. Calm, cool, never flustered. And such was her crossover into the 1000 point club. Michaela was fouled in the 2nd quarter of a home basketball game against Spotswood High School. She had 998 points. The excited crowd knew it. Her coaches knew it. She knew it. While the rest of the gym was about to burst with anticipation, Michaela did was she had been doing for three straight years. She calmly swished the first free throw. 999 points. She calmly swished the second free throw. 1000 points. The packed gymnasium erupted in celebration. There’s no doubt that Michaela was excited, but true to form, Michaela remained quietly confident.