NigeriaThe social conflict taking place in Nigeria is a long way from the classrooms of Timothy Christian School, but it is not very far from the hearts and minds of the TCS World Literature Class. Recently, students took part in a unit where they read ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe. This literary novel focuses on the culture of pre-colonial Nigeria and provides an important backdrop for discussions of the current events taking place in Nigeria. Timothy Christian School students were challenged to identify Biblical themes even in the non-Christian book ‘Things Fall Apart.’ The persecution depicted in the novel allowed students to have an understanding and educated discussion of the current state of affairs in Nigeria. Vocabulary testing, writing assignments and class discussions were part of the unit on ‘Things Fall Apart.’ Most importantly, time was spent in heart felt prayer by students focusing on the citizens of Nigeria. Timothy Christian School faculty work tirelessly to get students to not only see the Biblical perspective of the information they are studying, but to respond to what they are seeing.