joy300Timothy Christian School seeks to develop students that see needs and meet needs. The 12th grade missions trip to the Dominican Republic, the 10th grade trips to feed the needy at New York City Relief, and the 9th graders ministering to the elderly at nursing homes are all examples of how Timothy Christian School plans for students to serve others. Training students to serve is not only limited to our high school students. The 5th graders at Timothy Christian School recently had the opportunity to make Christmas cards for hospitalized children. The students decorated the cards and wrote encouraging messages inside.  Before sending the cards, the students gathered in pairs to  pray over each card.  The students prayed for the health, comfort, and most importantly the salvation of the child that would be receiving the card. The love of Christ being communicated is the most important distinction between the ‘service-mindset’ at Timothy Christian School and other private schools. It is a season of great joy and yet great heartache for many. The Biblical integration of the service projects at Timothy Christian School aspires to communicate the joy of knowing Christ to all people, all year-round.