Basketball PreviewThe 2014-15 Varsity Boys’ and Varsity Girls’ basketball teams have striking similarities. Both teams will be led into the winter athletic season by skilled┬ásenior guards. Josh Decker will lead the Varsity Boys’ basketball team this year. Josh’s tremendous work ethic has allowed him to develop excellent ball-handling and shooting skills. The class of 2014 was loaded with talented guards that allowed Decker to develop in the shadows over the past three seasons. Josh showed flashes of what he was capable of contributing stellar perimeter shooting off the bench for last year’s GMC Gold Division championship team. Josh Decker, the last of three Decker brothers to play for TCS, grabbed the reigns of leadership immediately for the summer basketball program and is clearly TCS’ number one gun headed into this winter.

Hannah and Michaela; Michaela and Hannah. These names have been synonymous with TCS’ basketball success for the past three seasons as the perimeter players have helped claim back-to-back divisional championships for the Lady Tigers. Both girls are on pace to score their 1000th point this season, Hannah early in the season and Michaela later in the year. Michaela Csorny has been a savvy passer and strong mid-range shooter. Hannah Saquian is a quick ball-handler and dangerously accurate three-point shooter. Michaela is right handed. Hannah is left handed. They are like chocolate and peanut butter, or spaghetti and meatballs; pretty good on their own but the combination is fantastic.

Whether it’s Josh Decker’s Lone Ranger act or the winning combination of Hannah Saquian and Michaela Csorny, the gymnasium of Timothy Christian School will be a great place for a show this winter.