NYC Relief300On Friday, October 24, Timothy Christian School sent the first of four groups of sophomores into New York City to minister to the homeless this fall.  Led by faculty volunteers, the sophomore class of Timothy Christian School continued its long-standing annual partnership with New York City Relief  . Based in Harlem, NYC Relief runs a mobile soup kitchen out of a bus serving different locations in New York City and Elizabeth, New Jersey. The sophomore class is divided into ministry groups of 4-5 students accompanied by a TCS chaperone. When serving on their assigned date, students prepare the soup, bread, and hot chocolate in the morning and then distribute it throughout the day. TCS students also minister by talking and praying with people as they come to the bus. Not only is food offered, but assistance is also given in the form of clothing or help in finding resources for housing, jobs, and ending addictive behaviors. For 18 years Timothy Christian School has been partnering with NYC Relief to bring Christ’s love to those who have much less than students at Timothy Christian School. While the day can be exhausting, students come away with the rewarding feeling of having made an investment for eternity in the lives of people.