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‘Timothy Christian School is seeking to strengthen its position as a leader in the delivery of excellent Christian education by adding online courses to its curriculum.’ – Joni Calderwood, MEd. Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Accreditation

Timothy Christian School has initiated plans to supplement its current curriculum by offering online courses to meet a variety of needs, which include: enhancing the summer school and course recovery options for students, offering more elective courses, offering more Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Dual Credit (college credit) courses to Juniors and Seniors who want to get a head start on college, and potentially offering courses to home school families in the area. The school also sees online courses providing solutions to scheduling challenges and other special situations that arise every year.

Timothy Christian School is excited about its new partnership with Sevenstar Academy to offer online courses that not only meet national education standards, but more importantly, present material from the Christian worldview. The online classes include Biblical integration and the assistance of qualified adjunct Christian teachers. These aspects of Sevenstar Online Learning are central to Timothy Christian School’s mission and important to the families that it serves.

TCS will now be equipping students to become successful online learners, which, in this day and age, is advantageous for all students pursuing careers and education after graduation.

For more information on Timothy Christian School’s online learning experience through Sevenstar, click here.

For additional information on Timothy Christian School’s online courses, contact Joni Calderwood, Director of Instruction, Curriculum, and Accreditation