alumni coaches300Turn on your television during March Madness and take a look at the long line of suit-wearing coaches sitting on the benches. Have you ever paid attention to the sidelines of a big-time football game and noticed all of the coaches wearing headsets and sunglasses? Chances are that many of the suit-wearing coaches in March and head-set wearing coaches in October are former players of the school they are now coaching for. A sign of a healthy program impacting it’s athletes is how many of those athletes over the course of time return to help lead those very same programs. According to that barometer, TCS’ athletics department is in great shape! Almost one-third of TCS’ coaches are former Tigers! It is a trend that has substantially increased over the past 5 years and a trend that TCS believes will be evidence of the impact athletics is having on its student-athletes!

Josh Fry (’06) – head varsity golf coach

Amy Delmanto (’92) – assistant middle school track coach

Jessie Elsaesser (’05) – jv volleyball head, jv girls basketball head, and asst track coach

Amanda Lezak (’09) – middle school soccer head, and assistant middle school softball coach

Faith Torres (’97) – asst varsity girls basketball coach

Eddie Fitzgerald (’05) – jv boys soccer head coach, and asst track coach

Colin Robbie (’09) – jv boys basketball head, and asst varsity basketball coach

Jermaine Vaughn (’90) – asst varsity boys basketball coach

Chuck Poole Jr (’95) – asst varsity boys soccer coach

Jon Figueroa (’09) – asst varsity track coach*

Sara Poole (’08) – asst varsity softball coach*

(*not pictured)