TCS Newspaper Screen Shot 300x300Over the past 20 years, the communication of news has under gone a major change. The daily newspaper very rarely shows up at the front doorstep anymore as people have taken to websites and social media tools such as Twitter to find out what’s happening around them. The new TCS student newspaper , ‘The Lord’s Tigers’ created by TCS’ journalism class is giving students the experience of news reporting in today’s technological age.

The students of the journalism class are responsible to produce ideas for potential news stories and then follow all the steps necessary to complete the inception-to-publication process. Conducting interviews, writing/editing content, capturing web-friendly pictures, and creating eye-catching headlines are all part of the process of writing for The Lord’s Tigers.

If you’re looking for the inside scoop on all that is going on at TCS from a student perspective, The Lord’s Tigers will be your all-in-one source!