Joni Calderwood

A quick stroll on campus this fall and it won’t take long to notice a lot of new faces. One of those faces is Timothy Christian School’s new Director of Academics, Ms. Joni Calderwood. The new administrative position represents the school’s continued commitment to academic excellence in the changing face of education.

Ms. Calderwood comes to TCS with a full resume of academic experiences.  As a graduate of Delaware County Christian School, she attended Taylor University and majored in Elementary Education with a focus on Science and Math in Middle School Education. Miss Calderwood then earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Cairn University. Her 13 year teaching journey began at Red Lion Christian Academy where she held the position of head middle school teacher and admissions coordinator. Miss Calderwood’s career transitioned her back to Delaware County Christian School where she served as 4th grade teacher, elementary curriculum coordinator, and led the elementary academic achievement team. She also managed to coach varsity field hockey and middle school track along the way! In addition to her responsibilities as a faculty member, Ms. Calderwood’s professional experiences include participating on two ACSI accrediting committees which will serve her well as she leads Timothy Christian School through the re-accreditation process over the next twenty-four months.

The priority of academics at Timothy Christian School is best summed up in Ms. Calderwood own words. ‘The importance of teaching our children to think within the framework of a Biblical worldview cannot be underestimated. Culture will create a framework of thought that will shape their minds and hearts if we do not battle with a pattern of reasoning and thinking that begins and ends with the truth of God’s Word.’ The beneficiaries of Ms. Calderwood’s leadership will ultimately be the students of Timothy Christian School as she leads our faculty in their pursuit of professional excellence. The resulting glory of Ms. Calderwood’s efforts will be the Lord’s alone.

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