youtube-button1If you were in attendance at TCS’ parent orientation on August 28th, you may have noticed an Ipad subtly propped to the side of the podium quietly recording most of the evening. It is through that device that Timothy Christian School will be enhancing communication with our families and promotion of our school. As TCS continues to take advantage of technology, the launching of its own YouTube channel provides two very immediate advantages. First, important presentations and meetings will be recorded and posted to the YouTube channel so that TCS families can catch the highlights of what their busy schedules kept them from attending. Second, it enhances the community of TCS’ ability to promote the school by giving them access to video that can be shared about TCS on the internet. You can view Timothy Christian School’s YouTube channel by clicking here. And don’t forget to share it with all of your E-friends! Word of mouth continues to be the most powerful marketing tool an organization can use, it has just taken on a different form in today’s internet age!