spring banquet pic stitch“For TCS to move forward the school’s community must be excellent as individuals and then come together to be excellent corporately…” was the statement that hung in the air of TCS’ first annual spring banquet. The challenge address presented by keynote speaker Matt Brewer (head of school at Trinity Academy in Wichita, Kansas) inspired the banquet attendees to look inward before looking at TCS’ progress. The banquet’s mission was to celebrate the Lord’s blessing on TCS and to make the community of TCS aware of how it could be involved in TCS’ progress moving forward. On all accounts the banquet accomplished both goals as performances by TCS students, alumni presentations, and long lists of TCS’ accomplishments were presented. The testimonies of alum, Mike Gottshall, and current parent, Ashok Paul, clearly presented the impact of Timothy Christian School in their personal lives.

The evening concluded with a sharing of TCS’ annual campaign goals (see list below). Contributions flowed freely both during the banquet and in the days and weeks following. The most recent tabulations show that $108,000 have been donated or promised  to TCS’ list of campaign goals. Timothy Christian School is clearly moving forward as evidenced by the presentations and contributions of the 2013 Spring Banquet. The mission at TCS remains timeless & and the vision is being renewed. If you would like to contribute to TCS’ annual campaign goals, please contact superintendent, Dr. Hubert Hartzler.


Financial Aid……$100,000

Fiber Optics…..$25,000

Campus Signs…..$15,000

Computer Upgrades…..$25,000

Computer Workstations…..$2,000

Faculty Development…..$25,000

Faculty Assistance…..$10,000

Outdoor Storage Sheds…..$5,000

Resource Room…..$50,000

Parking Lot Lights & School Spirit Flags………$20,000

Weight Room Equipment Upgrades…….$10,000

Refurbished Gymnasium Bleachers……..$40,000

High / Long Jump Pit…….$12,000

Science Equipment…….$5,000