MeletaThis Thursday and Friday the Newark Science Academy will host one of the elite debate tournaments on the east coast.  The Newark Round Robin is an event which only 8 of the top debaters in the East are invited to face-off against each other until one student is left standing.  Past years have featured prominent figures in NJ politics and from the city of Newark interacting with the debaters as judges and sharing spirited discussion together over an evening meal. This year Timothy Christian School has had the distinct honor to have one of its own students asked to join 7 other debaters from NY, NJ, KY, and FL at the event.

Senior Andrew Meleta will compete and represent Timothy Christian School beginning on Thursday.  Andrew has achieved levels of success that no other TCS debater has experienced in the 7+ year history of the team.  Andrew has debated in elimination rounds (“the playoffs”) in consecutive National Debates at Princeton, Lexington, and Columbia. Andrew has compiled the 2nd best record of any Varsity debater in New Jersey this year. His 193 career victories ranks him as one of Timothy Christian School’s truly elite debaters. Timothy Christian School is proud to be represented by Andrew at the 2013 Newark Science Round Robin.