timothy_christian_school_logo_blue_yellow1-300x300TCS proudly unveiled its new general school logo on Tuesday night, January 29th during Dr. Hartzler’s ‘Superintendent’s Communication Hour’. The logo is a blue & yellow, 3 image representation of Timothy Christian School. The ‘T’ remains the same from the previous logo representating the school name, and colors of the institution. The ‘T’ is backed by the redeeming work of Christ represented by the cross. The final image is an open Bible, representing TCS’ unashamed commitment to education based on the principles of God’s word. The 3 images are encircled by the name of the school and the year the school was established; representing God’s continued hand of blessing on TCS throughout it’s 60+ year history.

Timothy Christian School would like to thank Dean Fields for his talents and professionalism as he consulted with the school and created the logo.