robotics-tournamentThe Frozen Frenzy III FTC Qualifier hosted by Say Watt? and the Timothy Christian Tigers was a great success. With 49 official volunteers (and many more unofficial ones) helping run the tournament, we had 26 high school age teams participate and close to 300 people at the event. Dr. Hartzler gave an introduction and short prayer to kick off the event. We had teams from Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey participating. We also had some people who were there for the Timothy Open House stop in to see the event. The finals at the event and some team interviews will be televised on TV Asia.

The day was a celebration of the achievements of the kids who have used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to create and program interesting robots designed to play full contact, three-dimensional, tic-tac-toe. Four teams at a time competed for 2 and a half minutes per match inside a 12-foot by 12-foot plexi-glass and aluminum field. The event also featured a demo by the host team Say Watt of their award-winning robot. Six teams advanced from the qualifier and are eligible to participate in the NJ State Championship on February 9th at the NJ Institute of Technology in Newark, including Team 4311 (Watt The Hex), whose tank robot “Iron Maiden II” went undefeated during the tournament and won both the Inspire Award and Captain of the Winning Alliance.

Check out the video highlight and re-cap of the Frozen Frenzy here….