In partnership with the Christian home and church,
we strive to provide the finest Christ-centered education,
equipping students to live productive, God-glorifying lives.
To this and our Lord Jesus Christ we are devoted.

That is our mission – to provide the finest Christ-centered education for our students.  We do this to glorify Jesus Christ by collaborating with you, your church, and your child. Working together, we create an atmosphere of learning conducive to the growth of your child as a Christian student – a student not only of academics, but of the character and Word of God too.

At Timothy Christian School, our staff of dedicated Christian teachers strives to model Christ in the classroom and out.  Our goal is to enable and empower our students to live for Christ as they study at TCS and as they move on in life.  Whether going off to college or stepping into the workforce, we want our students to be ready to meet all challenges intelligently and with Christ-like character.

As you browse our website please prayerfully consider whether TCS is where the Lord would have your child educated.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our school.  We are here to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving you and your child.