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Nithin Thompson

Why did you choose TCS for your child? My wife started working at TCS, and it made sense for our kids to also attend and be part of the community. What do you love most about TCS? The welcoming community there. What is one word that best describes the school? Why? QUALITY. I love how

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Wendy Gall

What do you teach at TCS? AP Comp Sci A, AP Comp Sci Principles, Beginning Comp Programming, 8th Grade Computer Science Discoveries How long have you been teaching at TCS? 23 years What do you love most about TCS? My favorite part of teaching at TCS is interacting with families. I suppose this arises from

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TCS Unveils Reopening Plans

We have established a task force consisting of staff, faculty, and parents to plan our re-entry for the 2020-2021 school year. A survey to staff, faculty, and parents, has also given us valuable insight for planning. According to state regulations and guidance from the Center for Disease Control, we are implementing the following plan. TCS

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