Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading and Math are the core subjects in kindergarten. Using best practices in curriculum and instruction, our teachers incorporate Orton-Gillingham training and use manipulatives as the students review all of their letters, sounds, sight words, rhyming skills and reading concepts and language skills. The students are challenged daily by the high level of academic excellence the teachers pour into their lessons. Math is brought to life by the students using STEM activities, doing geometry, and by sorting, measuring, finding patterns, making graphs and tables, adding and subtracting. Students also use real life skills as they play with money and learn to tell time.

Bible, Science, and Social studies are also part of the kindergarten curriculum. In Bible as they learn about the Israelites in the Old Testament, Jesus’ life, and the life of Paul. Each week they will learn a new memory verse not just with words but by using sign language and hand motions.

The teachers do an amazing job of teaching social studies by incorporating many different cultures and holidays within the everyday classroom. Students will learn about Veteran’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc. These holidays and topics give us a wonderful opportunity to discuss the many different cultures that make up America and how beautiful and uniquely God has made all of us. The students also learn about the seasons, fire prevention, famous Americans, and all about themselves and their families.

Science is a favorite subject of many of our students because it is coupled with experiments, music, dancing, and rhymes. Students will be studying all about pumpkins, apples, food, plants, Arctic and Antarctica, weather, clouds, animals, recycling, Earth Day, Arbor Day, life cycles, oceans, space, and living and non-living organisms.

Students also meet weekly for special time and instruction with our music, art, physical education and media specialists.

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