2019-2020 Tuition & Fees

*If you are interested in alternative scheduling options for our preschool or kindergarten programs, please call Lisa Dyer, Director of Advancement at (732) 985-0300 ext. 107.

Our Tuition Philosophy

Timothy Christian School seeks to have candid and transparent partnerships with
our parents. We realize that investing in a Timothy Christian education is a major
commitment on the part of any family. At all times we seek to inspire students to
discover and pursue their God given talents and passions, embrace intellectual
curiosity and creativity, and lead with confidence. There is a cost to provide this
educational experience.

The annual assessment of tuition is a necessity in order to offer our programs to
our students, but tuition income alone is not sufficient to run our programs. Since
income from tuition accounts for less than the cost of operating the school, every
effort is made to maximize income from other sources including, summer
programs, facility rentals and Annual Fund campaign events and other fundraisers.
Additionally, every effort is made to be good stewards of the resources that God

Parents can anticipate a modest annual increase which is in line with the current rate of inflation since the school’s expenses grow to cover increases in the cost of repairs and replacement of equipment, upgrades to facilities and services,curriculum expansion, academic equipment, and faculty professional development.

Dates and Deadlines
March 2nd – Open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year begins.
March 29th – Tuition Assistance(financial aid) applications deadline.