Learn to Use RenWeb


RenWeb’s ParentsWeb is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children.  You can see your child’s grades, attendance, homework and billing information (lunch account, extended care, etc.), as well as other useful school information.

Here’s how to access our easy-to-use RenWeb’s ParentsWeb:

  1. Go to TCS’s website: www.timothychristian.org . Scroll down and click on the RenWeb/ParentsWeb link in the left sidebar column.
  2. Log in as follows:
    1. Type “TCS-NJ” for the Timothy Christian School District ID.
    2. Chose (click on) the “Parent” box.
    3. Click on “Create New ParentsWeb Account”.
    4. Enter your email address that you provided to the school (if you are unsure you may contact Mrs. Turse in the Main Office at gturse@timothychristian.org ). The email address you use to set up your ParentsWeb account must be the same as the one you provided to the school!
    5. Click on “Create Account”.
    6. You will receive an email containing a link that you will follow to set up a user name and password that you will use to log in from now on. Please note that this link is only active for 6 hours.
    7. Once you are in ParentsWeb, please click the “Family Information” bar in the left sidebar column and then on your “Family Demographic Form” in the “Online Filing Cabinet” box in the lower left portion of the screen. Your demographic form is where you control all of your contact and emergency information (for each parent individually). Anytime any of your contact information changes, you will need to go in and update your form. This is what the school uses to email you and contact you in case of an emergency so please be sure the information on that form is always accurate and up to date!

To learn more about ParentsWeb, click on the purple box in the left sidebar column which says “Tour the New ParentsWeb” take a 6-minute video tour.

You may need to put any email correspondence from TCS through RenWeb on your safe-sender list to keep the email from going to your junk mail.  As always, please contact us if you have any problems or questions.